Car rental between individuals, an intelligent system at the service of all.

A vehicle is not necessarily completely a item of expenditure: it can also become a source of income for its owner, via car rental (homepage) between individuals. This new practice is made possible by specialized websites that allow supply and demand to meet, and also to organize and facilitate the service by, for example, including specific car insurance.

Specialisation sites for car rental between individuals

It is possible to rent your private vehicle on specialized websites. It is this intermediary that connects landlords and tenants. To rent your car, the procedure is simple since it is enough for the owner to write a description of his vehicle and specify the periods during which it will be available for rent.


As soon as an individual selects the car he wants to rent, its availability differs according to the operators. This can vary from the case set up on board the vehicle to control the opening of the doors and the start-up, to the handing over of the keys for a more direct link between the individuals.

Note that without an intermediary, it is forbidden to rent your car to an individual.

Rent your car to make it profitable

Car rental between individuals is a good-win-win process for both parties. A small driver finds in the rental of his car a way to make his investment profitable, in order to finance the car maintenance or insurance of his car for example.


For the tenant, it is the possibility to benefit from a cheap car rental. While having a choice of vehicle, location and more availability schedules than for car rental from a professional rental company.

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Specific car insurance for car rental between individuals

Theft, accident, traffic violation… Renting your car to an individual carries certain risks. In the context of private car rental, it is not the owner’s car insurance that comes into play in the event of a disaster when the vehicle is in the hands of the tenant.


The website includes car insurance in the rental agreement, which replaces that of the owner of the rented car. The cost is thus borne by the tenant, since it is included in the operator’s commission. The purchase of this specific insurance is therefore automatic and mandatory for each car rental between individuals.

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